Pundit Wants Someone With ‘Normal Brain’ to Explain Why PSG, Messi Extension Is Good Idea

Lionel Messi and his future continues to be a topic of conversation as Paris Saint-Germain remains reportedly in talks with the 35-year-old. However, media pundits in France want no part of a Messi extension with the French giants.

Former French forward Jerome Rothen explained that extending Messi would be a smart move by the capital club. Rothen’s RMC Sport colleague Daniel Riolo also shares the same feelings and believes that sporting-wise, extending the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner doesn’t make sense.

“If I was [PSG] and if I was a bit clever, I wouldn’t do anything before [the UEFA Champions League Round of 16],” Riolo said Monday on “After Foot RMC.” “If I am eliminated and therefore the season, only [Ligue 1] remains. [So] I tell myself that it’s not a good idea to extend [Messi], so I tell him we are not going to extend [his contract]. He sulks at the end of the season and then we see everyone. We leave each other as we leave each other.

“I hope this thinking drives [PSG sporting advisor Luis Campos] and the Parisian leaders. Because going to extend [ Messi before the matchup against Bayern Munich]. And why do [a contract for next year]? What is the evolution of the club if you still continue with Neymar and again with Messi? What do you want? … What is the sports project?

“So if it’s not so aberrant, on Earth, can there be someone who knows a little about the [football]? To convince me that it’s a good idea to extend here next year. But I need help understanding. I couldn’t talk to someone sane, with a normal brain telling me it’s a good idea.”

Messi will hit free agency in June when his contract expires. However, PSG sporting advisor Luis Campos recently noted that the club is in “discussions” with the Argentine forward regarding a possible new agreement.

Additionally, various reports suggest that Messi and PSG will continue for at least another season. Nonetheless, Inter Miami remains in the shadows as the MLS side, co-owned by David Beckham, is no doubt attempting to woo the Argentine into heading to the United States.

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