Lionel Messi Opens Up: ‘I Wasn’t Doing Well’ at PSG, Reflects Nearly a Year After Exit

Former Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi is rehashing his two seasons in the French capital. It’s been over a year since the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner left the Parisians, so it’s no surprise there’s a reflection period going on.

Messi arrived at PSG in 2021 after abruptly leaving FC Barcelona as a free agent due to their financial situation. After having a press conference in which the player was left in tears, he signed with the Parisians.

In an interview with ESPN Argentina, Messi reflected on his time in Paris now that he’s about one year removed from leaving and joining Inter Miami.

“It was a tough and difficult change for us,” Messi told the media outlet. “We didn’t expect to have to leave Barcelona, it wasn’t a choice. It was also a life experience. Being in Paris, I experienced the best thing, which is becoming a world champion.”

Moreover, the Argentine noted family situations, such as disputes with his neighbors, that affected his mood on the pitch.

“They would ring the doorbell to tell us to keep the kids quiet at nine or ten at night,” Messi added. “The neighbors were tough, although I don’t hold anything against them. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as they or I wanted (…) Honestly, it affects my mood a lot, and it shows on the field. In Paris, on a personal level, I wasn’t doing well.

Overall, it was an unsuccessful tenure internationally, as Messi was supposed to be the piece that helped PSG get over the top and win the UEFA Champions League. The superstar era in the French capital is now over, and maybe with time, Messi’s two seasons in Paris will be more appreciated.

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