Chelsea Close to Missing Out on Joining PSG, Tottenham in Exclusive Partnership

In January, a teased image revealed that Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are likely the latest clubs to join Paris Saint-Germain under the Jordan Brand umbrella. However, one of these London-based clubs are in danger of losing that partnership if it doesn’t turn its 2023-24 season around.

Jordan made its debut in football with PSG, embracing the city’s fashion-forward reputation and the dazzling allure of Paris. Now, it’s poised to move to the Premier League, but Chelsea might be losing its place in breaking ground with the company. 

Sportico’s Łukasz Bączek has reported that negotiations with Jordan Brand have been put on hold until the end of the season. Furthermore, he elaborates that Jordan Brand will not want to cooperate if the Blues do not advance to the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League. 

Chelsea will not qualify for the Champions League because they are 11th in the table, and their path to the Europa League won’t be through the Premier League. 

As a result, the only way Chelsea can save their partnership with Jordan Brand is by winning the FA Cup, which punches their ticket to the Europa League. 

The company awaits the situation to unfold. If they don’t secure the FA Cup, Jordan Brand will likely have only Spurs and PSG as their primary representatives in football.

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