Chelsea and Tottenham Teased to Join Exclusive Club Alongside PSG

The Jordan Brand umbrella might soon include sister clubs for Paris Saint-Germain. In 2018, the sportswear company and PSG initiated this collaboration, and now Jordan is poised for expansion.

Jordan made its debut in football with PSG, embracing the city’s fashion-forward reputation and the dazzling allure of Paris. Now, it’s poised to move to the Premier League. They’re likely aiming to become a prominent figure in the world’s top football league.

On Tuesday, Footy Headlines revealed an image on X, formerly Twitter, featuring the iconic Jordan symbol alongside the club logos of Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. This tweet has sparked speculation that the two London-based clubs could be the next to join PSG.

PSG has been in collaboration with Jordan since 2018. A recent report suggested that the partnership might be at risk of ending, given that their contract extends only until 2025-26. 

This information was denied rather quickly. Nonetheless, uncertainties about continuing the PSG-Jordan collaboration beyond 2025-26 could persist until a new deal is finalized.

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