Arsenal Couldn’t Afford Real Madrid-Bound Kylian Mbappé, Pundit Says

Former manager and Premier League player Chris Sutton took a jab at Arsenal for the lack of pursuit of Kylian Mbappé. The Paris Saint-Germain star will become a free agent in a few months, with the expectation that he will join Real Madrid.

Some will ask why no Premier League aggressively pursued the 25-year-old in this transfer saga. Arsenal appears to be back to a level most expect from them, and the Gunners have a history of top French players like Thierry Henry. 

In addition, coach Mikel Arteta emphasized the need for Arsenal to pursue top players like the PSG sensation. Nevertheless, Sutton doubts Arsenal’s financial capacity for such a move and humorously suggests they lack the stature for it.

“What? Little Arsenal?” Sutton said on It’s All Kicking Off. “I’m joking a little bit about little Arsenal, but you don’t think Mbappe would be a good deal? It doesn’t matter how much he would cost. I’m not a financial expert, but how could Arsenal afford that?”

Not long ago, Arsenal was known for frugal transfer habits, but that changed as they splurged £200 million last summer, including £105 million for Declan Rice. With such recent spending, they’d likely need to offload players to afford Mbappé’s wages.

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