L’Equipe: Real Madrid Refutes Claims of a Decisive Date for Kylian Mbappé

Real Madrid reportedly gave Kylian Mbappé 15 days to decide regarding their offer. Heading into this saga again, it seemed the Spanish side wanted to take a firm stance. The La Liga side probably wanted to avoid looking foolish, as they’ve done so in the past.

However, now that January 15 has come and gone, L’Equipe reports that Real Madrid sources actively deny the notion of a fateful date for Mbappé on January 15. 

The leaders of Real Madrid assert that he holds all the cards to decide his future, and they have no intention of engaging in further negotiations.

However, Real Madrid officials do not aim to convince Mbappé. He has long been aware of their desire to enlist him and holds the economic conditions Los Blancos proposes, which they do not intend to compromise.

Mbappé has been asserting his independence in decision-making for weeks, refusing to let anyone dictate the timing and thoughtfully considering the impact of each media appearance. Confident yet cautious, the leaders of Real Madrid eagerly anticipate Mbappé’s ultimate decision.

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