Why Cristiano Ronaldo is No Comparison to Messi, According to Ex-Al-Hilal Boss

Lionel Messi could be heading to Saudi Arabia as the Argentine reportedly has an offer on the table from Al-Hilal. As a result, it could result in the Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo debate. 

Former Al-Hilal manager Emiliano Díaz spoke with TyC Sports, where he added fuel to the debate should it be reignited if Messi does indeed head to Saudi Arabia. 

Díaz roasted Ronaldo’s adaptation to football in Saudi Arabia while praising Messi for his accomplishments, especially the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

“It was difficult for [Ronaldo],” Diaz told the Argentine media outlet. “We faced him and had a good time. With the big clubs, he never made a difference. He scored 3 or 4 goals for the boys and I saw that they were talking about him here. He lost the King’s Cup, he lost the Super Cup and the tournament. 

“There is no kind of comparison with Messi. We faced him less than 3 months ago and I went to see Leo at the World Cup. We are talking about light years of comparison.”

According to various reports, Messi should decide in the next few hours. Currently, Inter Miami seems to be gaining ground over Al-Hilal as the possible destination for the Argentine outside of Europe.

Furthermore, another note reveals that the 35-year-old wants his future decided before going on vacation, adding to the reporting that the veteran should decide soon. Nonetheless, it seems like a rivalry in Saudi Arabia won’t occur unless there is a sudden change. 

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  1. Easy to say let Messi get to Saudi Arabia and let’s see if he’s gonna win all those trophies in his first season.Messi has always been surrounded by the best players reason why he could not win any significant trophy with PSG even with Neymar and mbappe by his side.Christiano Ronaldo is world class and has proved his worth in every team he played for be it Manchester united,real Madrid, Juventus, .Messi has only played for Barcelona with the best players by him.Why did Messi not take Major trophies with PSG France the weakest league in Europe like he did in Barcelona. Christiani Ronaldo is a phenomenon even at his current age.CR7 is only at his first season and you want him to win all trophies with amateur teammates 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    1. @Tom Logan. Both Ronaldo and Messi have played around prolific players on their teams but what he is individually Messi is better. Pick any scale to use and it will clearly show Be it individual awards, Goal contributions. But I totally disagree with anyone who says that these two players are miles apart in terms of quality. For the years they have competed against each other, both have managed to keep pace with each other.

    2. nl
      Mesi is an exceptional player.
      He scores goals , create goal ….
      He makes you enjoy football..
      He is a unique type of football player.

      1. BUT YOU HAVE

    3. Thoroughly is not that for a player to win all trophies in one season,so is good to give any player a chance for gaining ground in the club they find themselves to achieve trophies.

    4. Stop lying chief Ronaldo at man u was surrounded by best players at Real Madrid he was surrounded by best players as well at juventas he was surrounded by average players hence he didn’t shine like at man u and real madrid. My question to u is at word cup who was surrounded by best players between Messi and Ronaldo? 👂👂

    1. I am supporting @Tom Logan and @Pato but if you see the ratios of trophies, Messi is in advantage but depending on what team Ronaldo plays he won’t get any better because, Saudi players have still a lot to improve. They can’t pass balls with accuracy. That’s the reason Ronaldo is facing a disadvantage for not shining that much. But gradually I believe Ronaldo will get better, which he does best. Just like Sir Alex once said, “Ronaldo can even play for New Castle and adjust himself, but Messi is just a Barcelona player.”

  2. Statistics is the only answer to whom is better than the other. Maybe Cristiano can be compared to the great Ronaldo not Messi.Messi is way way better than Cristiano. One writer wrote about Messi being surrounded by best player , how abt Cristiano. Man utd, madrid and juve. Which one of these teams is small.

  3. Whom God has blessed let no man curse. God has blessed both of them Messi and Ronaldo.
    With godly sincerity, both of them are very good, but Messi is just a little better than Ronaldo. This can be seen, proofven and justify by individual’s achievements and results. Meanwhile, Mpape and Halland are taking over.

  4. Thoroughly is not that easy for a player to win all trophies in one season,so is good to give any player a chance for gaining ground in the club they find themselves to achieve trophies.

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