Humor or Threat? CUP President Weighs In on PSG’s Pursuit of Lucas Hernandez

The Collectif Ultra Paris is a prominent fan group known for its passionate support of Paris Saint-Germain. Their opinions and statements often carry weight among fans and can influence the narrative surrounding the club. 

Romain Mabille, the president of the CUP, recently took to Instagram to express his disapproval of PSG signing Lucas Hernandez, who was born in Marseille. The controversial statement made by Mabille has sparked a significant debate within PSG over this potential arrival.

“You are not welcome, the Marseillais… and we will let you know”, Mabille wrote on Instagram (h/t RMC Sport). The tone behind the message doesn’t reveal whether it’s humor or a threat. 

The intense football rivalry between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille is rooted in the historical and cultural differences between the two cities. Mabille’s sentiments reflect the deep-rooted animosity between these rival regions.

Hernandez has never played for Marseille as he left the region and France to live in Spain at six with his mother and brother Theo.

Critics argue that Mabille’s statement promotes a narrow-minded perspective that prioritizes regionalism over the qualities and skills of the player. Football, as a sport, has always celebrated talent and the ability to contribute to a team’s success, regardless of a player’s place of birth.

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