Messi to Saudi Arabia Will ‘End Moderately Well,’ French Pundit Believes

The Lionel Messi to Saudi Arabia rumor has picked up steam this week, leading the 35-year-old’s father, Jorge, to deny that his son has made any decision. 

However, French football pundit Ludovic Obraniak believes the move away from Europe isn’t a bad idea. 

“I’m not going to criticize his choices because I myself made financial choices at the end of my career,” Obraniak said on La Chaîne L’Équipe (h/t Canal Supporters). “But I find, from my point of view, that the story would end moderately well. We feel that this guy is inhabited by passion; we feel that there is something. There, we would have liked a return to Barça or Argentina. 

“We would have liked to see this so that the story ends in the most beautiful way. He’s made so much money; does he really need to make more? He could still play in a competitive team and try to win another Champions League. They are monsters and I tell myself that they are more interested in titles.”

The priority for Messi seems to be to remain competing for the UEFA Champions League trophy.

Nonetheless, the only European rumor that the Argentine is linked to is FC Barcelona, which has a couple of hurdles on the financial side that they need to clear before having Messi return to Camp Nou.

If Barcelona can overcome their finances, the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner will have the storybook ending of returning to the Catalan side. However, suppose that doesn’t happen, then Messi’s camp will need to consider other options.

Saudi Arabia and MLS side Inter Miami are the constant rumors that might become reality if there are no options in Europe. 

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