PSG, Luis Campos Need to Admit Lionel Messi Signing ‘Was a Failure,’ Pundit Says

The Paris Saint-Germain attack of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Jr. could end after this 2022-23 season. Over the last few days, there’s been plenty of rumors regarding people’s futures at PSG.

RMC Sport pundit Jérôme Rothen believes that the main objective for the capital club this summer should be moving on from Messi and Neymar while having Mbappe at the center of the project. 

Rothen targets Messi as the one who has to go (alongside Neymar), as the Argentine’s contract allows the capital club to move on from him without much issue since he’s a free agent in June. 

“Lionel Messi has been an anomaly since he arrived,” Rothen said on RMC Sport. “It’s hard to talk like that about such a player who has marked the history of football so much. But that’s the reality, unfortunately, in relation to his investment and in relation to his performance. Quite simply. He can’t get through the course for many reasons.

“Most certainly, he feels a bit orphaned by Barcelona. Even if he says that his life today has improved, it does not; you can’t see on the pitch. It can’t be seen; there’s no particular fulfillment on the pitch apart from maybe the free kick at the last second against Lille. […] I’m totally in the direction of the club today. Luis Campos must take responsibility, admit that the arrival of Lionel Messi was not necessarily a good thing and that it was a failure.”

There’s much speculation on where Messi will play next season, and it will most likely depend if he wants to continue playing in Europe. Should the Argentine decide that his European career is over, then a PSG exit makes sense, with Inter Miami or a Saudi Arabian club most likely lining up to sign him. 

The trio was great in the first half of the season leading into the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but since club football has resumed, it’s been a mixed bag of poor form and injuries, which is why Rothen wants changes for the 2023-4 season. 

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  1. Rothen you are just a fool and hater.i wonder what was your contribution when you play for PSG… Stupid hater

    1. So so true bro.
      You couldn’t have said it any better.
      Am wondering whether
      1.) he still played up to the age 35 years Messi is playing now &
      2. Whether he played no 10 like Neymar and had to be on the ball often to ATTRACT the many many horrendous tackles Neymar had received to the highest level at the World Cup( 2014) even till now?

  2. This man have brain issue. I think Ruthen is on cheap drugs. Psg is never a team n if messi leav this club Mbapey will surly leave cuz cuz half of his goals are suply by Messi.

  3. It failed because PSG never realize that they tailor their style around Messi to insure a winning chance for every game. Look at Barcelona and Argentina. Messi does not put his ego first than the team itself. It only happens that Messi is so talented, of which everyone agree, PSG can only harness its full potential if the game is designed around Messi. PSG was overcome by egos. That is why it failed!

    1. Exactly. If PSG had hired the right coach, he would tailor the whole game around Messi which they must do in order to win the titles. If the game is around Messi the game becomes beautiful to watch and that’s when we can see the magic of Messi. But the ego of the team PSG (Mbappe on the top) is too much and not a question why Messi does not like to play in the team and he does not show any enthusiasm playing with them. Wish Messi leaves the PSG team and go to Barcelona.

    2. I totally agreed with castenada, ego with psg players did not allow Messi to do well, mpape especially getting Messi at dis time of his age more of assist than scoring, build the team around him. Both Neymar & Mpape can score 40 & 60 league goals and will be one of the best in Europe and you can claim European title this year or next start it now, Bayern are not invisible to this psg relented squad I bet you. Leo Messi May have about 3 good years playing at top level. Compos cannot call Messi watse at this time at this age, pls take note.

    3. Rothen did not understand why Leo Messi was so successful in field of sport. History have shown that Barcelona built the team around him since he was 20 years or so and the team was the successful for more than a decade in the world, Argentina refused to do so and they were unsuccessful until they rectified that in the last five to six years. Look at the tremendous achievement, they played more than five finals and won two of them so with Paris they need to understand his position and build around him. Mark my words, if they did that,Bayern are not invisible at Munich when they meet for the second leg, and in return most of credit will be sharing between Neymar & Mpape cos he does more of assist than scoring these days.

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