(Video) Lionel Messi Believes Former Napoli, Juventus Striker Unfairly Criticized

Lionel Messi is nearing the end of his international career, and one of the players that the 35-year-old shared the pitch with the Argentina national team was Gonzalo Higuaín.

Higuaín announced his retirement from football once Inter Miami’s season is over. In a recent interview with DirectTV Sports, Messi spoke about the harsh criticism the former Napoli and Juventus striker has faced.

The veteran goal scorer is mostly remembered for the missed goals in the Copa América and the FIFA World Cup, which Messi believes isn’t a fair assessment.

“He was mistreated by a sector of journalism; people consumed that, and he took it to the pitch,” Messi said.

“Higuain’s situation was terrible because he had a spectacular career. What he did was very difficult because he played in the best teams in the world, always performing, scoring goals, becoming champion and that’s where he was marked by the Copa América, by the World Cup.”

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