‘Found His Place’ – Midfielder Highlights Why Messi Is Succeeding in Year Two at PSG

After struggling in his first season with Paris Saint-Germain, where many questioned if Lionel Messi had his best years behind him, the veteran forward is again playing at a level many are accustomed to seeing from him in year two. 

In an interview with Le Parisien, former PSG midfielder Javier Pastore explained the difference he’s seeing from the 35-year-old this 2022-23 football season that is allowing him to succeed. 

“I watch all his matches, and it’s impressive to see the level he’s been playing with since the start of the season,” Pastore told the French publication. “He’s another player. I was sure it was going to be like this. I think he has found his place on the pitch and the connection with the whole team.”

Additionally, Pastore notes that Messi didn’t appear 100 percent mentally and physically so that change has allowed the Argentine not only to be the playmaker for PSG but also score goals, which is what he lacked in his first year. 

“He was not at 100% physically last year, whereas this season we can see him very well. He knew he had to do a lot more,” Pastore added. “Now, we see him physically and mentally, he is ready to make big matches. Its positioning has evolved as well. He is a playmaker and more the player who will complete the actions. He places himself more to make the team play and to score the others. 

“We see it on the right, on the left, chaining the one-two. He needed to change his game, he understood that because he is a very intelligent player. Now, he can make the difference anywhere on the pitch.”

Messi having a bounce-back season for PSG has begun rumors of the French giants attempting to extend the forward’s contract since his current deal will expire in June 2023. 

Recent reports suggest Les Parisiens wants to keep Messi until at least 2025. Keeping the veteran forward will not only help the Ligue 1 side on the pitch, but they’ll also see the benefits off the playing field. 

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