Lewandowski Makes a Bold Claim on Whether Messi is the Greatest Player of All-Time

Numerous players over the years have provided for their take on whether Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi is the greatest player of all-time. Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski has now chimed in with his stance on this matter.

In speaking to the German-based outlet Sport Bild, Lewandowski was asked whether Messi is the greatest football player ever, to which the veteran striker brought up Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo to the conversation.

“In the period since I started playing football at the professional level, Messi and Ronaldo have been at the top,” Lewandowski said. “It’s always been a duel between the two. The question between them is simple: who likes which type of player?

“It’s difficult. I respect Cristiano Ronaldo’s hard work. For Messi, everything seems easy. I think Cristiano had to work harder for his success.”

While Lewandowski swayed away from providing a straightforward response on whether Messi is the best player who the sport has ever seen, it is quite noteworthy that he also discussed Ronaldo.

Of course, the Messi and Ronaldo debates have spanned for years now. And for the Bayern Munich forward, there is a possibility that he could meet both of them later this season in the upcoming UEFA Champions League knockout stage.

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  1. I still wonder why this matter is always open for a debate. Overall statistics is pretty obvious. The Genius is there for us to behold. Who else can excite your imagination?
    And to top it all, the Humility is always there whenever he
    showed his brilliance. Messi, by far, is incomparably the best!

      1. Messing changed club,now it’s difficult for him to shine while he had ruled Barcelona for so many years. Ronaldo changes clubs and perform wonderfully on each clubs.Rolnado is the greatest no doubt about this.

    1. People should not confuse talent with hardwork… Talent always supercedes hardwork. Talent is Genius. And Genius is King 🤴 Leo.

  2. For some players they have to work hard to excel but for Messi it’s inborn,therefore that’s why it seems easy.When you are talented everything you do on the pitch seems very easy.Thats the calibre of that player we call Messi.At one time he was so brilliant on the pitch so much that most football lovers were likening him to a robot.At the same time we can not rule out the fact that at the end of it all it depends on who you like.

    1. Always sentimental. .listen ,every talent has to be harnessed through hardwork and practice to bring it to its full potential… That Ronaldo emphasizes on discipline and hardwork does it mean messi hasnt had to work hard and practice and practice everyday… Result , effectiveness , mastery is a product of constant practice overtime.. simple… Lewandoski says it all.. it depends what is the choice of the kind of player you want.. guys!!!!

    2. When he as given birth did any of u see football in his hand why saying he was born with it he too has to perform hard to b at the top period

    3. You are foolish…. Ronaldo is both talent and hardwork….even without talent, how can you if you are educated made a comment that hardwork is not better than talent…..don’t you know talent fades away at old age while hardwork prospers at old age

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo is the goat u can see it.some try hiding to say the truth but this man works hard n he plays for many side n he gels very quick.he is a goal shark.messi is good but cr7 telling u.

  4. I don’t know why people bring out the issue of talent and work hard. The question is who is best irregardless of their background. Who is the best in pitch. Who does magic in the pitch. Soccer is about scoring, assist, dribbles and individual moments. If you that in Ronaldo just pick Ronaldo as the best or Messi if you see that in Messi as well. The only problem I see people try to justify the person they like who might not best, that is why some bring the issue of work hard and talent. We don’t watch the training even in athletes we look at who cross the line first not who spend 19 hours per day training.

  5. All of you think Messi has it easy… He worked his ass off to get where he is, you can bet on that. Have you seen defenders trying to bring Messi down only for him to be the one still standing? That takes streght as well as ball control.

    Btw I think Ronaldo and Messi are pretty much equal in terms of greatness and we’re lucky to have witness them both play.

  6. this is a straight up decision.
    Ronaldo is far better than Messi.
    why? because he’s been performing at the very best level though he keeps changing club. but for Messi, he always want to enjoy the fruits of others sweat. he (Messi) enjoyed Ronaldinho, Xavi, Inesta, Etoo, Neymar and the rest. but now they were no more, he was struggling and left. now he wants to enjoy Neymar again, Mbappe, Di Maria and the likes at PSG.
    he’s a fast thinker.

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