PSG Edge Out Arsenal, Tottenham in Forbes’ Most Valuable Teams List

Paris Saint-Germain have made strides in being a valuable club in all of football, especially since the Qatar Sports Investment takeover in 2011. Since then, the Parisians’ growth continues to rise as they’re in a prominent city with recognizable sponsorships and teams that compete.

This formula has allowed the Ligue 1 giants to leapfrog a couple of the top six Premier League clubs in Forbes‘ top 10 most valuable team rankings. PSG come in seventh place with a value of $4.4 billion which puts them ahead of Arsenal ($2.6 billion), Chelsea ($3.1 billion), and Tottenham ($3.2 billion). 

Moreover, there are only six clubs more valuable than the capital club: Real Madrid ($6.6 billion), Manchester United ($6.5 billion), FC Barcelona ($5.6 billion), Liverpool ($5.3 billion), Manchester City ($5.1 billion), and Bayern Munich ($5 billion).

PSG could increase its value as they’re reportedly searching for a new stadium, which would help them receive an increase. If the French giants can also add a UEFA Champions League trophy, too, there should also be a bump to their value.

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  1. Made up numbers that do not add up. What is it based on, what is it’s formula?
    Some of the clubs named are in debt to the tune of hundreds of millions and needing a bail out by local government.
    It is false figures that make no sense, what is it’s formula?

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