PSG Admit Preventing Star Player from Joining Real Madrid in 2022 Was Mistake, Journalist Says

Kylian Mbappé is set to move from Paris Saint-Germain to Real Madrid, but the Frenchman could’ve joined the Spanish side in 2022. Nonetheless, the Parisians were able to extend his contract, and one journalist revealed that the club made a mistake.

PSG is going in a different direction, and the departure of Mbappé marks the end of the superstar era. The capital club hasn’t been shy about paying massive amounts of money for star players. However, they now admit that this approach was a mistake.

On a recent episode of “The Transfers Podcast,” journalist Duncan Castles notes that those within PSG believe extending the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner into 2022 was a mistake, as was the pursuit of a couple of aging star players.

“In discussions with PSG employees, they believe they made a mistake in keeping Neymar and extending his contract,” Castles said (h/t Le10Sport). “They believe they erred with Messi, with Sergio Ramos, and in building the team around these high-salary superstars.

“Also, the €200 million per year operation to keep Mbappé at PSG to prevent him from going to Real Madrid, which has backfired on them and for which they continue to pay to this day.”

It’s a mix of emotions, as this summer marks the parting of ways for both parties. For PSG, it signals the dawn of a new era where, at least for the moment, the absence of a standout superstar is noticeable, changing the landscape fans have grown accustomed to.

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