Journalist Predicts Royal Reception for Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid

The Kylian Mbappé transfer will pick up in a few days when the calendar turns to 2024. All eyes will be on Real Madrid as the Spanish side reportedly makes another attempt to land the Frenchman.

Even though Los Blancos are returning for another shot at the 25-year-old, they will come with a firm stance. According to reports, there will be a deadline when Real Marid presents its pre-contract offer to Mbappé.

Is it time for Kylian Mbappé to leave for Real Madrid?

L’Equipe recently had a round table with their journalists and asked them what the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner should do. Is it time to finally answer the call from Real Madrid, or should he stay at PSG and attempt to win the capital club’s first UEFA Champions League trophy?

Régis Testelin notes that it’s time for the winger to head to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Furthermore, Testelin believes that despite the multiple rejections, the supporters there will hold Mbappé in high regard should he sign.

“Real Madrid? It is the club [Mbappe has] dreamed of since he was very young—the best-organized club, the most stable,” Testelin noted (h/t Bernabeu Digital). “They will treat him like a king. He will play in the Champions League; he will win the title. This is his destiny. He is made for it.”

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