How PSG’s Kylian Mbappé Reacted to Luis Enrique’s Constructive Criticism

Kylian Mbappé scored a hat-trick in Paris Saint-Germain’s 3-0 win over Stade de Reims on Sunday at Stade Auguste Delaune. While the 24-year-old had an impressive performance, manager Luis Enrique still had constructive criticism for the Frenchman.

Although some were trying to generate conflict from those remarks, Le Parisien reports that Mbappé has not only comprehended but also welcomed the constructive criticism.

Enrique’s comments, which hinted at “points to improve and room for improvement” in Mbappé’s game, were focused on the defensive aspects of the player’s performance. 

The coach aims to instill a sense of discipline and commitment to defensive responsibilities in Mbappé, emphasizing their significance for the team’s overall balance. Enrique is likely pushing Mbappé to broaden his skill set beyond goal-scoring and attacking play.

By underscoring the importance of defensive tasks, Enrique seeks to mold Mbappé into a more well-rounded player, contributing not only to offensive brilliance but also to the team’s defensive solidity.

Mbappé’s willingness to embrace constructive criticism speaks to his character and reflects a commitment to continuous improvement. This quality can only enhance the team’s prospects on the international stage.

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