Chelsea’s Thiago Silva Gives Candid Confession Over Failed Dream at PSG

Over the last few years, Paris Saint-Germain has seen core players in the capital club’s project to lift the UEFA Champions League leave. Since 2020, Thiago Silva, Marco Verratti, and Neymar Jr. have all left. 

Nonetheless, their departure from the French capital does come with an emptiness, as they could not fulfill the key goal at PSG, winning the Champions League. The group got close in 2020, but the Ligue 1 side fell to Bayern Munich.

Silva recently spoke about not winning the Champions League for PSG and how his former teammates, who have moved on, feel about not accomplishing the goal.

“My dream, like Neymar, Marquinhos, and Verratti, was to win the Champions League, I can tell you that,” Silva said. “Marquinhos still has chances, but with PSG, it’s over for us. Neymar would certainly have liked to stay at PSG. Winning the Champions League was his dream.”

The Parisians are shifting their transfer policy and moving away from big-name players. PSG wants to build a team that might not have name recognition but plays together and isn’t dependent on an individual player’s skills.

Will this new change bring the French giants the Champions League they covet? It will be interesting to find out. 

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