Kylian Mbappé Insists on This Major Demand to Sign with Real Madrid

Real Madrid can begin talks with Kylian Mbappé over a pre-contract once the January transfer window opens (unless the Frenchman signs a contract between now and then).

Both parties will be looking to find common ground for a contract. However, the main sticking point for either side remains the topic of image rights. According to Meritocracia Blanca’s Andres Martinez, the 24-year-old has a key demand: 100 percent of his image rights. 

In 2022, Real Madrid had an agreement with the Frenchman in which he took 80 percent of the rights while Real Madrid kept 20 percent. It was the way they found for Mbappé to compensate for the salary drop he would have by leaving Paris Saint-Germain. 

At the Merengue club, their conditions are apparent. They want to maintain what was agreed upon two years ago, but it remains to be seen if the player accepts it.

Both parties will have to compromise to reach a deal. However, if Los Blancos aren’t ready to meet the demands made by Mbappé and his camp, they might have to explore other options. 

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  1. Madrid would agree a deal in line with her working guidelines and size as the Club is bigger than any individual player. The PSG experience with Mbape won’t work with Madrid. Good, Mbape is a world class and a massive player, concessions will e:eventually be the solution, not Winner takes all like what happened at PSG. Mbape will definitely add glamour to an already big reputation of Madrid, but Madrid can survive without him.

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