Mbappé Collaborates With a French Startup for Personalized NFT Cards

Kylian Mbappé, the most influential French football player, has officially entered the Web3 world with his collaboration with Sorare, a French startup for a set of NFT cards. But this movement wasn’t made for profit and rather for a good cause. The Ethereum-based platform is known as one of the best websites for players to collect digital player cards and engage in competitions for prizes.

Mbappé’s NFT card was already purchased for €416,000, which will be directed to his association “Inspired by KM,” which handles educational projects and allows younger people to discover the opportunities and possibilities available in the Web3 world.

The football player has already set a plan to stay only for one more year at Paris Saint-Germain, and it’s expected that he’ll sign a contract at Real Madrid in 2024. The current most powerful figure at PSG is also a philanthropist and has donated considerable sums of money to charities.

Sorare NFT is an enormous platform that collaborates with many footballers and has even partnered with Lionel Messi, making him the forum ambassador. Sorare is a free-to-play game and is based on NFT technology and blockchain, making it one of the safest ways for players to engage with their favorite players as teams. Although the platform initially started with only footballs as a game and for users to create groups of players with NFT cards, now it has expanded to baseball and basketball.

The blockchain-based fantasy football game has recently partnered with the Premier League, allowing fans to connect with their favorite clubs and players. The agreement between the companies gives fans the ability to collect, buy, sell, or trade officially licensed NFT cards with players from the 20 Premier League clubs. Fans are also able to build teams and compete with them to win prizes.

Why is Mbappé the future of modern football?

Mbappé was already a star by age 23, gaining five Ligue 1 titles and the FIFA World Cup. The young sportive is praised for his abilities, so many compare him to Thierry Henry or Pelé. He has impressive dribbling skills and an amazing finish, but what makes him special is his maturity and paced approach to the sport he’s practicing.

There are a few things that make him the new Messi, from the amazing vision that allows him to see the game from different angles to his amazing ability to score goals. At the same time, he can pass like no other, with greater accuracy and rapidness.

Mbappé is one of the most dedicated sportsmen out there, and along with the hard work and skills he was born for, the footballer is humble about his winnings but is sure about his goals. It’s safe to say that Mbappé was “born with it,” and such talent is rarely seen on screen, but this is not the only thing that accounted for his success.

His father trained the footballer to become a professional footballer, starting to play at only six years old. After his skills were noticed, he continuously changed clubs and participated in the elite football academy Clairefontaine. Things rapidly developed until he signed a permanent transfer with Paris Saint-Germain. The €180 million investment was immediately repaid when Mbappé won the team’s first UEFA Champions League in 2020.

Mbappé is securing the ground with five trademarks registered

Although the player is paid €250m for his three years at PSG, the footballer knows how to monetize his image and brand, which is why he, along with his father, created numerous trademarks, such as KM EDITION or ZEBRA VALLEY.

Still, the star also collaborated with plenty of clothing brands, from Nike, Hublot and Dior, but also with companies like EA Sports and FIFA. When it comes to sponsorships, no one is backing up from approaching Mbappé, but he’s known for analyzing every business’ value to make sure they align with his own.

Among the PSG players, Mbappé has one of the highest Ligue 1 salaries of €6 million per month, tops even what Neymar and Messi earn. With this much money and all his collaboration with luxury brands, he could afford to buy anything in the world and spend his free time on yachts and expensive cruises. However, the football player chooses to represent France more humbly and invest his money in foundations and charities, of which children are the country’s future.

Mbappé and his donations are changing the world

Mbappé wanted to be different and change the football player stereotype that all players are playing games and wasting their money on expensive vacations. Therefore, he intended to donate a considerable part of his money and get involved in charity activities.

As his popularity surged around Europe and the US, he started his own philanthropic association called Inspired by KM (IBKM), which works with educational project development for disadvantaged youth. Mbappé also made a considerable donation to the Abbe Pierre Foundation to help those without housing live a better life and have better conditions. This happened during the pandemic when people were rushed to stay inside, but most homeless people had no other option than to roam the streets. The foundation stated how this was a huge help for them to further help people by expanding their first aid options, providing access to water and hygiene, but most importantly, to food and shelter.

And let’s not forget how he donated almost all his salary from the World Cup campaign to a children’s charity. Around €400,000 went to the organization, stating that he’s already earning a lot of money and how important he thinks it is to help those who are in need.

Bottom line

As Mbappé entered the Web3 world with his first NFT cards, the player is constantly looking for earning opportunities from which he can donate to others. The player is already winning plenty of matches, and with his incredible skills and devotion, he’ll become one of the greatest players in the world.

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