Mauricio Pochettino Remains Calm About Job Status at PSG, Ask for More Time

Mauricio Pochettino continues to be the manager of Paris Saint-Germain in name, but some reports would suggest that the capital club is keen on replacing the Argentine tactician. However, Pochettino continues to speak to the media, campaigning to keep his position within the club. 

In an interview with Esport3, Pochettino spoke about the rumors regarding his future in the French capital. The 50-year-old stated that he had one more year left on his deal and noted that the club president would soon announce the new project.

“I have one year left on my contract, and there are a lot of rumors,” Pochetino said. “Every week, I am fired. PSG arouses this kind of thing. The club is trying to reinvent itself. The president will soon explain his new project, but I’m calm.”

Pochettino also spoke about the UEFA Champions League exit against Real Madrid and how they had the eventual winners on the ropes before the mental lapse leading to their demise began. 

“To get there (at PSG), you have to be a good coach, and after a year and a half there, I feel like one of the best. Leading a locker room with so many stars was a daily learning experience,” Pochettino added. 

“We were close to eliminating Madrid, like Chelsea, City, and Liverpool. We went through it. I think we were far superior, but we missed the finishing touch If the objective is to win the Champions League, it is normal to generate this kind of storm.”

Finally, the Argentine manager stated that he would like to have more time at the helm of PSG, much like other gaffers such as Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have gotten with their respective clubs to install their philosophy. 

“You have to give value to the championship and the cup (in Paris). The Champions League is a competition that has very few games, he believes. (…) There are things that I don’t understand. The storm started after Madrid were eliminated,” Pochettino concluded. 

“We won the league, like other coaches like Blanc or Ancelotti did. I like City because they gave Guardiola the opportunity to build. They gave him time. At PSG, you also need that. By giving serenity to this project, we will be close to winning the Champions League.”

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