Video: Mauricio Pochettino Discusses Why a Manager at PSG Needs Time

Paris Saint-Germain has often been seen as a job that a manager needs to deliver right away. When the target is to win the UEFA Champions League, a coach could find himself on the hot seat right away. 

In an interview with Europe 1, manager Mauricio Pochettino spoke about how PSG needs time for a project considering other big clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea give their managers enough time to build projects and reap the rewards from this patience. 

“We had very little time for everything to fall into place and for us to achieve a collective performance, which is the more difficult. It takes time for individuals, and for that to translate on the pitch into a collective game, it takes hours together, and we haven’t had that. It wasn’t all too bad. There is a process where what has been missing is time,” Pochettino said.

“A lot of people say that Paris Saint-Germain don’t need to be given time. But you can give Liverpool time; you can give time to Manchester City or Chelsea. We now have to think about many other things that need to be fixed, that need to be done differently in the future. We know it very well, and the club knows it very well. There are things that need to change in the immediate future.”

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