Video: Mauricio Pochettino Details That His Remarks About His Future Were Out of Context

The future of Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino is one that he addressed this week during his news conference and also spoke about where Kylian Mbappé will play next season, saying both are planning to remain in the French capital.

Pochettino stated that both plan to be in the French capital next season; however, during his postgame interview after the 3-3 draw versus with RC Strasbourg Alsace on Prime Video, he would walk back these statements saying his response was taken out of context. 

“I am very tired. It’s hard to explain things, but I try to. I only tried to answer the question posed to me. I was asked what the percentage of involvement of him and I was today, and so it is 100%. I don’t know why he created this story around that,” Pochettino said.

“It’s always taken out of context, I’m very tired. I am very proud, strong and I am no longer interested in these rumors. I am focused on my players and my squad. They know the way we work and so we have to keep doing it.”

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