Video: Idrissa Gueye Details Why Lionel Messi Is the Best Finisher, Neymar the Best Dribbler on PSG

The Paris Saint-Germain clubhouse is one that many on the outside have always found fascinating, considering the star players that have been in that dressing room over the past few years. With the arrival of Lionel Messi, this season has brought more eyes to the club.

Midfielder Idrissa Gueye spoke to the media outlet Carré, where he provided some insight to the public regarding his teammates. The 32-year-old shared who’s the best finisher, dribbler, the funniest, and the most professional on the team. 

“The best finisher? Messi! It’s incredible; he doesn’t hit; he passes on goal. The most technical and the best dribbler? Neymar is very, very strong! Ball at the foot, if he wants, there is no one who can take the ball from him! The hardest part of training? There are two who really hurt: Presko (Kimpembe) and Abdou Diallo, and when he hurts, it really hurts,” Gueye said.  

“And Layvin Kurzawa when he comes back from injury. He is angry and breaks everything! The funniest? Draxler is not bad! He looks shy like that, reserved, but he’s crazy; he makes people laugh too much! The most professional? Me ! (laughs) There is Di Maria, who is professional. He comes early and stays late!”

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