‘I Miss Messi’ – Sergio Busquets Opens up About Leading Barça Without the Argentine

Despite half a year since Lionel Messi departed FC Barcelona, those on the squad don’t hide that they miss the 34-year-old’s presence. 

In an interview with RAC1 (via RMC Sport), Sergio Busquets, who took over the role as captain of the Spanish club, expressed his sadness not to see Messi continue with Barcelona. 

The Spanish international says he was shocked to see his former teammate depart last summer for PSG. Busquets added that he misses the Argentine forward, and the midfielder believes the feeling is mutual.

“I miss Messi on and off the pitch,” Busquets said. “He gave us a lot. It made a brutal difference. I’m sure he misses us too. When he left, it was a shock for everyone and for him too, because he changed teammates, city, and team, but it will get much better over time.”

“I would like him to come back, but it’s very difficult; he has a contract and how to get out of here…but if it were up to me, it would be clear, I’m his friend and his partner.”

The departure of Messi left a void in the team, Busquets says; as a result, he’s not satisfied with how the team is constructed. He adds that Barcelona lacks players who can make a difference up front. 

“Finances permitting, we lack players who make the difference up front as modern football demands and who complement the quality of the team,” Busquets said. 

“We are on the right track. I don’t know if it will be very big because we have lived very big things here, but we will surely be contenders to be able to aspire to everything.”

Although Busquets misses Messi, a recent report suggests the two could be teammates in the future. Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham wants to reunite the two in MLS over the next two seasons when their contracts are up. 

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