Video: Thierry Henry Reacts to the Last Minute Goal Scored by Kylian Mbappé Versus Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain scored late in the second half courtesy of Kylian Mbappé to give the capital club a 1-0 win over Real Madrid. The 23-year-old left many who watched the match with their jaws dropped following his impressive goal. 

One of the people who couldn’t believe the goal scored by Mbappé was former France international Thierry Henry, who served as a pundit on CBS Sports’ coverage of the UEFA Champions League. 

The former Arsenal forward jumped out of his seat when the PSG star scored late in the second half. 

“Not many players can make me jump off my couch or scream like you’ve seen. That’s what you want to see when you watch a game on TV, a player who unlocks situations, a player who provokes in one on one,” Henry said.

“Often, we hear the players say where to play there, turn the ball here. But what about instinct, dribbling? Let it play; let us enjoy it! What a night, what a goal, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

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