Video: Pundit States That PSG Becomes Boring to Watch Without Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain has been without Neymar Jr. since late November when the 30-year-old suffered an ankle injury against AS Saint-Étienne. The capital club forward is rehabbing to make his way back in time for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 tie against Real Madrid. 

During a segment on Late Football Club, former PSG forward Mickaël Madar spoke about the Ligue 1 side not having Neymar and how supporters might get a little bored watching them during matches. 

“Without Neymar, we get a little bored watching PSG. He is a player who puts a bit of technique. Me, I like the controversy for X time which says that there is a Paris without Neymar and a Paris with Neymar,” Madar said.

“No, excuse me, there is no Paris without Neymar. When he’s not playing, it’s not the same football; it’s not the same team. Neymar, he is like that.”

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