‘Still Getting Used to Things’ – Lionel Messi Discusses His First Two Months at PSG; Challenging Moments

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi is two months into his two-year (with an option for a third) into his contract with the capital club. The 34-year-old spoke to the Spanish media outlet Sport, where he elaborated on the new chapter in his career. 

One of the first points that Messi discussed is how the Ligue 1 side having Argentine players and people who speak Spanish has made his integration into the squad a faster one. 

“Since I arrived, I felt as if I had been in the dressing room for a long time because I have many acquaintances, people who speak Spanish and make the adaptation much faster, honestly,” Messi said. 

Furthermore, Messi also stated that the FIFA World Cup qualifiers had made the transition challenging since he could develop a rhythm with the squad but then depart for national team games with Argentina. 

“At the sporting level, it seems that it never really starts because I have a game with the national team every month,” Messi said.

“Having not just settled in then needing to leave again, and this makes things more complicated, but little by little, I am entering the dynamics of the club because beyond the fact that they’ve been here for two months, there are still not many games that I have played—still getting used to things.”

Messi then touched on the worst and best moments since arriving in the French capital. The Argentine stated that early days with PSG proved to be difficult since he had to adjust with his family and to have his kids go to school while living in a hotel and dealing with traffic, which made his commute to training an hour long. 

“The bad moments were at the beginning when everything occurred all of a sudden, coming here, spending a month and a half in the hotel, and it is not easy to do it with the boys, who had already started school. We were in the center, and this made the traffic unbearable,” Messi said. 

“It took us an hour for school and an hour for training, and the kids couldn’t take any more of being in the hotel. This wasn’t easy. At the same time, we tried to enjoy the experience, of the city, of getting to know everything a little until we came home. This made everything better.”

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