Video: “People understood it completely differently” – Neymar Clarifies His Comments Regarding His Future With Brazil

Over the FIFA international break, a clip from Neymar’s upcoming documentary surfaced on various social media platforms. The 29-year-old stated that the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar could be his last. 

Neymar stated that the mental grind needed to play for club and country was something the Brazil international doesn’t know he has the strength for heading into 2026 despite being 34-years-old when the tournament comes around. 

The Paris Saint-Germain forward decided to elaborate on his comments during his interview with Red Bull

“I said something, but people understood it differently. I said that, yes, this would be my last World Cup and that I wanted to negotiate it in the best possible way. I’m going to give my all to be 100% because it’s like I have a game the next day; I always approach it that way. If there is a game tomorrow, it will be like the last of my life.”

“So compared to the coming World Cup, I think exactly the same way like it’s the last for me because I don’t know what can happen tomorrow. When I said that, there was controversy, with people starting to say that I wanted to stop playing football and quit the national team. People understood it completely differently. I just wanted to say that I had this mentality like it was my last. Why? Because you can never know how things are going to turn out.”

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