Pochettino Shares on What Ramos Will Bring to PSG This Season

Sergio Ramos has yet to make an appearance with Paris Saint-Germain this season, as he has been sidelined as of late due to a calf injury.

Still, PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino is looking forward to Ramos’ highly anticipated debut with the team. And more so, he sees that Ramos will be key for the Ligue 1 giants over the course of the campaign for two notable reasons.

In speaking to UEFA’s official website, Pochettino highlighted the experience and competitiveness of the veteran Spanish defender.

“Sergio [Ramos] is also a player that we think can, given the possibility, convey his experience, his competitiveness,” Pochettino said. “He’s a player that has also won everything, just like Leo [Mess]. It’s good having him at the club for all that he can share with his teammates: all that experience he gained at Real Madrid.”

Ramos has played in arguably more big game matches than any other active defender in the sport today, as he has taken part in a multitude of key duels in UEFA Champions League play and numerous battles with the Spanish national team.

Now with PSG, the team’s coaching staff sure will call upon him to deliver vintage performances this season.

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