‘I’m Interested in the Club World Cup, Not the Superleague’ – FIFA President Responds To Reports About a European Premier League

Sky Sports reported that elite clubs had dialogue to establish a European Premier League with FIFA’s support and backing. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting various clubs’ pockets, this league would undoubtedly bring in revenue, which was lost in 2020. 

However, before everyone gets all excited about seeing the top clubs share a league, FIFA President Gianni Infantino put some cold water surrounding this idea. In an interview with Aargauer Zeitung (via France Football), Infantino isn’t interested in a separatist tournament that would involve the biggest clubs in Europe. 

Instead, the 50-year-old wants to continue the FIFA Club World Cup’s growth, which is expanding to 24 clubs and will take place in China in 2022. For Infantino, he has no interest in top European clubs play one another, as he is more in the ballpark of wanting teams such as Liverpool FC to take on Boca Juniors and other clubs in North and South America, for example. 

“As the president of FIFA, I’m interested in the Club World Cup, not the superleague,” Infantino said. “For me, it’s not Bayern Munich against Liverpool, but Bayern against Boca Juniors. Liverpool have 180 million fans around the world. Flamengo has 40 million fans, and 39 million of them are in Brazil. Liverpool have maybe 5 million fans in England and 175 million fans around the world.”

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