‘Twas the Year in Paris: A Video Diary of 2018

‘Twas another year in Paris, and we’ve been here before
European ambitions, dashed on Spanish Moors

Emery’s men came to Madrid for a fight
But for the two-time champs came barely a fright

Les Parisians fell hard it caused quite a rankle
Psyche’s crumbled, like Neymar’s foot and ankle

But they recovered enough to secure the league cups
The League as well, but still needed some changeups

Unai was a mensch, but was never up to snuff
Then along came the German to say, “That’s enough”

He brought his philosophy of team and grit
To pair with his superstars, Paris, and glitz

Tuchel shipped out the deadwood with sure intent
But the Parisian faithful were less than content

An army of vultures did circle the scene
While Neymar and Mbappe chased their World Cup dream
The elite thought they could steal the Parisian treasure
But KyKy and Ney have a bond you can’t measure

As they geared for another European quest
Paris searched for stars who could help them the best

On Sandro, On Kante, sure why the hell not
No, on Keher, on Mouting, on….Juan Bernat?

The fans were outraged, in fits of rage they call
How can a team so big, be thinking so small?

Lo, the German tinker had a mighty plan
Build a collective unit, do it man by man

Antero signed titis as far as the eye could see
From Kimpembe, Nsoki, to Yacine Adli

So they began the season a fiery blaze
Destroying Ligue 1, with such a deadly gaze

But struggles at Anfield delivered a scare
Get bounced in the group stage, oh they wouldn’t dare

The group stage was the Neymar and Mbappe show
From game to game the squad would continue to grow

Not all men were on board with the goals of the team
A certain Frenchman and his mother were quite mean

He plotted and lied just to scam out some bucks
So fuck him and his greedy mother, duplicitous fucks

But back to some cheery, to some more chipper news
They beat Liverpool at the Parc, along Paris mews

The Parisian’s fought to leap over the hump
Sealing their victory with a mighty chest bump

The players for the first time had confidence
To play with spirit, and a stifling defense

The fans rejoiced and breathed a sigh of relief
Spared for the moment being from European grief

While the English media did bitch and complain
Paris was the best in the group, no need to explain

They drew Manchester, no, not that Manchester
The Manchester with goal output like Leicester

But we can’t forget UEFA, they doth lurk
To keep Parisians from their wintery work

Another year of change that’s full of surprise
Just another year of QSI you’d surmise

It’s another year in Paris, gone bye and bye
In 2019, will they sink…or will they fly?

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