Cosé lives in Ecuador and has been supporting PSG since 2011. QSI gave the club and new start and he's looking forward to going along for the ride.

Dan Varn

Chicago native and PSG supporter since the summer of 2015, when I saw them beat Manchester United at Soldier Field. Mbappe is starting to fill the hole in my heart that Zlatan left behind.


Daniel is PSG Talk's Nigerian correspondent and has been following Paris Saint-Germain since 2012. He feels the club is back on track with original QSI-project after taking a brief detour and is interested in seeing how it all plays out.


Dave is a moderator for the Paris Saint-Germain subreddit and has been supporting the club since 2005 thanks to some cleverly edited cutscenes in a FIFA video game. He insists that, yes, Pastore meant to do that.


Ed is the founder of PSG Talk. When he's not blogging about Paris Saint-Germain he's usually in the backyard practicing his Zlatan scorpion kicks.



Born in France and living in California, Guillaume has been a PSG fan since he was a teenager. Rumor says he actually watched Safet Susic play at Parc de princes. He unconvincingly denies it.

Joe Sinke

Jon Olangi


Born in Brussels, Raised in London, Live in Paris. PSG season ticket holder and aspiring football coach.


Marc is PSG Talk's man in New York. A PSG fan since a trip to Paris in 2008, his fandom ratcheted up when a BeIN sports came to America in 2013. He one day hopes to celebrate a champions league victory with a lot of adult beverages. What he doesn't want you to know is that he actually likes the new 2017-2018 PSG home kit.

Matthew Hodowany

Currently enrolled at Ryerson University pursuing a BA degree in Sports Media. Looking to further my passion for sports and storytelling by combining my love for the both into a career I can work day after day and have a smile on my face while doing it. My history in being a PSG supporter is fairly new, but that only inspires me to write and learn more about this historic and beloved franchise.

PSG Talk Contributor


Rushil lives in the Triangle in the States. When he is not writing messy code or blogging about football, he is usually daydreaming about Formations, Dream All Time starting XIs and potential European Super League scenarios.