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Mel Brennan is a former Head of Special Projects for CONCACAF and was one of five delegates from North America to the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan.  He is also a former visiting professor of sports studies at Towson University and implemented flow theory in his work with staff teams at The Walt Disney Company and SEGA GameWorks.

Dani Alves

Part II: What’s Missing From the Psychology of PSG?

Inducing Flow, Elevating Playmakers It was in Part I where I shared a bit about flow theory and method; that flow, it was discovered, is that magical moment when everything seems to come together—and the

Kylian Mbappe

Part I: What’s Missing From the Psychology of PSG?

Flow “My team has won, because of this book. We did what is written in this book. Read this book! Flow!” — Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson, holding up the book Flow to reporters