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Marc is PSG Talk's man in New York. A PSG fan since a trip to Paris in 2008, his fandom ratcheted up when a BeIN sports came to America in 2013. He one day hopes to celebrate a champions league victory with a lot of adult beverages. What he doesn't want you to know is that he actually likes the new 2017-2018 PSG home kit.


Neymar au PSG: The Ultras Embrace

Part V Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV Secret meetings, burning ambition, and almost a quarter billion dollars. That was the formula to accomplish the largest money deal in football

Juan de Dios Crespo
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Neymar au PSG: The Hypocrisy Clause

Part IV Part I | Part II | Part III | Part V €222 million was the price. A non-negotiable, rock solid €222 million. No more, or no less. Paris Saint-Germain did not bargain for

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Neymar au PSG: Not a Damn Word

Part III Part I | Part II | Part IV | Part V Who is Marcelo Bechler? In short he is a Brazilian journalist for Esporte Interativo, living in Barcelona. A low profile for the man who

Nasser and Neymar
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Neymar au PSG: The Two Princes

Part II Part I | Part III | Part IV | Part V They sat at a podium in the Parc des Princes press room and did their best to suppress the grins that threatened

C. Gavelle / PSG

Neymar au PSG: Witnesses to History

Part I Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V History is an inexhaustible resource. It is always being made. As each second ticks off the clock the second before is being

Antero Henrique

Why PSG Supporters Need to Trust the Process

A team’s character is a reflection of its leadership. It’s a simple concept but often it’s forgotten.