Real Madrid Star Demands €100M from PSG in Unpaid Wages and Bonuses Dispute

Kylian Mbappé and Paris Saint-Germain have not ended their relationship well. The way the club and president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi bid farewell to the new Real Madrid player shows the differences they’ve had.

One major issue is the financial amount both the player and the club are claiming from each other to finalize the separation. According to L’Équipe (h/t Diario AS), Mbappé has demanded €100 million from PSG for unpaid bonuses and salaries and this amount covers wages owed for April and May.

PSG also appears reluctant to pay his June salary or a pending loyalty bonus. Mbappé filed his claim through the French league, citing Article 259 of the professional football charter, which stipulates that “clubs must pay salaries to players by the last day of each month.”

Mbappé himself mentioned reaching a “gentleman’s agreement” with the club so that if he left, which he has now done, all parties would benefit. Reports suggested he offered to waive €55 million in due bonuses, though the agreement was verbal and did not change his contract.

This informal understanding ended in early 2024 when PSG became certain he would join Real Madrid. Moreover, club sources told the French media outlet that “discussions are ongoing.”

PSG claims Mbappé verbally committed to forfeiting €80 million in loyalty bonuses and salary, though no formal document exists. The club wanted the now Real Madrid player to sign this agreement, but relations deteriorated to the point it never materialized.

Later, Al-Khelaïfi wanted Real Madrid to cover Mbappé’s departure costs through a signing bonus, sharing part of it with PSG. However, Florentino Pérez did not respond, prompting the Qatari ownership to begin withholding Mbappé’s salaries and bonuses. Relations are now completely strained, and the president’s and player’s lawyers must work to avoid a court dispute.

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  1. Why would Real Madrid pay a signing bonus when
    Al-Khelaïfi refused $200M when he originally had a year left? That is the way normal clubs do business…. player has 1 year left and wants to leave – therefore the club needs to cash in. But no, these oil heads saw it as a rejection of them and gambled. Now they look like complete fools and are resorting to illegal means to hold on to some money. At the end of the day only legally signed contracts will hold up in court and I’m sure MBappe’s mother made sure the contract was watertight. Buffoons.

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