Pundit Predicts PSG Coach’s Key Role in Warding Off Bayern Munich and Barcelona Pursuit

The Xavi Simons situation won’t be resolved until after UEFA Euro 2024, but where the rising star will play next season remains uncertain. Recent reports suggest that the 21-year-old won’t be sticking with Paris Saint-Germain next season and is poised for a third consecutive loan spell.

Simons made a name for himself this past 2023-24 season at RB Leipzig, playing 43 matches across all competitions. His impressive stats, including 10 goals and 15 assists, haven’t gone unnoticed, drawing interest from several prominent European clubs like Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

With PSG having another saga on their hands, CBS Sports reporter Jonathan Johnson weighed in on the issue, noting that manager Luis Enrique could be the deciding factor. If the coach can assure him of a major role, perhaps that might convince the player to stay.

“I mean, I don’t think that’s an ideal scenario because, at the end of the day, you don’t want to force somebody to be somewhere or buy into a situation against their will,Johnson said on PSG Talking.But also, at the same time, if there is a clear vision for him, you know, at the end of the day, he is the one who decided to accept the return to PSG and then the loan out to Leipzig.

“I don’t see why he would have such an issue if PSG turn around to him and say, right, we feel that you’re ready now. You’re going to be a key part of this from here on in. And like I said, it depends largely on how Luis Enrique sees it.”

The PSG player chatted with Eindhovens Dagblad and mentioned his focus is on the Euros, as the Netherlands looks like a dark horse contender in the competition.

“Right now, my focus is entirely on the tournament,Simons told the outlet.The intense competition in the German championship and the pressure we’ve faced have pushed my development to a new level.”

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