PSG Superstar’s Late Season Conduct Sullies Image Ahead of Real Madrid Move, Expert Says

Paris Saint-Germain could be ending the Kylian Mbappé era sooner than expected. On Sunday, the team played their final match of the 2023-24 Ligue 1 season, and Mbappé was notably absent, not even traveling with the squad.

The Parisians have one more match this season, the Coupe de France final on May 25th against Olympique Lyonnais. However, the 25-year-old reportedly might not even play, which wouldn’t come as a surprise since RMC Sport’s Daniel Riolo.

Riolo believes that Mbappé has already checked out and is tarnishing his image, which is why he shouldn’t play in the domestic cup final with his move to Real Madrid looming. 

“It’s already unusual for Mbappé, but the situation has been deteriorating for months,” Riolo said (h/t Le10Sport). “The more he can tarnish his image and act contrary to what is expected, the more he does it (…). The reality now is that Mbappé shouldn’t play at all; his relationship with the club is broken. 

“Luis Enrique can’t stand him, and he and Nasser don’t even greet each other anymore. Besides, he doesn’t deserve to play; he doesn’t train, and he’s not performing well. The story is over. If he doesn’t win the Coupe de France, are people still going to talk to me about a successful season?”

If the French giants want to close this chapter already, it bodes well for Real Madrid. The Spanish side will need PSG’s permission to announce and present the player before his contract expires.

A recent report revealed that Real Madrid are eyeing a window between June 3 and 9, pending approval from PSG, to introduce Mbappé at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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