PSG Superstar Sidesteps Real Madrid Question As Free Transfer Looms

Last Friday, Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappé announced that he’d be leaving the club after this season, with his contract expiring next month. The next question for this saga to officially end is when he will announce he’s joining Real Madrid.

Mbappé officially took the first step with a heartfelt video message lasting over three minutes. In it, he expressed gratitude, acknowledged past missteps, professed his affection for the team, and revealed plans for “a new challenge” ahead.

The 25-year-old spoke with reporters on Monday, and of course, they wanted to know when he plans to announce that he’s joining Real Madrid. Mbappé sidestepped the question, understanding that the timing wasn’t right. 

“When will your move to Real Madrid be announced? Everything has its own time,” Mbappé said. “For now, I’m just leaving PSG. For the rest, maybe now is not the right time.”

After the UEFA Champions League final wraps up, it’s expected that the Frenchman will be unveiled as the club’s latest addition. Meanwhile, PSG will be on the hunt for a replacement for their soon-to-be star player as they begin a new era next season. 

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