PSG Superstar Could Play ‘Hardball’ with Real Madrid Amid Olympic Ambitions, Expert Says

Although nothing is official, Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid are having their first rift, which is the Summer Olympics in Paris. The Spanish side have made it clear that they will not release any players, but the 25-year-old recently expressed his desire to compete in the games. 

Mbappé will not have the UEFA Champions League to strengthen his Ballon d’Or candidacy, so he will need to win UEFA Euro 2024. An Olympic gold medal, along with winning Ligue 1, will increase his chances of securing the honor later this year. 

If Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Junior win the Champions League along with their respective continental tournaments this summer, then the soon-to-be former PSG star might miss out on the Ballon d’Or.

As the Olympics approach, CBS Sports reporter Jonathan Johnson spoke with PSG Talk and noted that Mbappé could play hardball and withhold officially signing his contract to ensure he can participate and win a gold medal.

“We know Real Madrid don’t want their players being released to the Olympics,” Johnson said. “We also know that Kylian Mbappé hasn’t officially signed his contract yet with Real Madrid. 

“So that does raise the interesting possibility of, does Mbappé play hardball and refuse to commit to Real Madrid on paper until he’s essentially eaten up enough so that he can be selected for the Olympic squad and that there’s nothing that Real can really do about it, and that he only starts being paid by Real from the date that he signs his contract. That is a possibility. 

“I do still think that there will probably have to be some compromise because it’s easier for Real Madrid to shut the door to their players being released for the Olympics once they’re under contract. Whereas, obviously, until Mbappé has signed on the dotted line and everything’s been made official, it’s always going to be leverage from Mbappé and his entourage.”

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