Dortmund Eliminating PSG Highlights Difference Between Mbappé and Neymar Jr., Ex-Player Says

Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated from the UEFA Champions League this week, losing 1-0 in the second leg (2-0 on aggregate), and various comments are coming from the Parisians crashing out in the semifinals.

The club from the French capital had an opportunity to reach its second Champions League final in its history. However, the squad couldn’t score goals over 180 minutes against the German side.

When PSG reached the Champions League final in 2020, they also crossed paths with Dortmund. Nonetheless, on this occasion, the Ligue 1 side didn’t have Neymar Jr., and one former player not having the Brazilian sensation was noticeable. 

“[Kylian] Mbappé is in the river,” former French footballer Johan Micoud said on L’Équipe du Soir (h/t Le10Sport). “It’s funny because four years ago, they lost in Dortmund [in the first leg] and played the return leg in Paris. Neymar took control of the match and solved the problem by saying, ‘We will go through,’ and that’s a true leader. He brought everyone along with him.

“The difference lies there; those were leaders. [Neymar] was criticized because he got injured and partied, but when there was a match where they were needed [to win], he showed up. The only final you’ve made, it’s because of him that you got there. In the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, he’s the best player.”

Mbappé will reportedly leave to join Real Madrid as a free agent, so PSG will need to replace his production. More importantly, they have to find an attacking player with leadership qualities to galvanize the team in these tense situations.

The 25-year-old had an opportunity to drag the squad to a Champions League final as Neymar did four years ago, but he failed to do so this week. 

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  1. We said if forever ago. It was the team working not individuals.
    2. Kylian was part of the tango these guys were winners before di Maria carvani Neymar Messi even navas was a good golie minimizing mistakes yet the Italian is overconfident and benzema ended their moment which they were heading to the final.even roping in Neymar you will still be strong.

    Forget what I said all collapsed under king kylian and his demands

  2. With that attitude it is no wonder PSG cannot win the CL. Football is a team sport and and no single player should be required to “drag” a team to the finals. Neymar was an absolute failure at PSG and I’m not even going to bother looking up who “Johan Micoud” is.

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