PSG Star Poised to Depart for Real Madrid Regardless of UCL Outcome, Expert Says

Kylian Mbappé and Paris Saint-Germain are two games away from advancing to the UEFA Champions League final. However, even if the Parisians reach Wembley Stadium and lift the trophy that’s long eluded them, don’t expect the Frenchman to stay.

The 25-year-old will become a free agent in June when his contract expires and reportedly intends to leave. Furthermore, many expect the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner to sign with Real Madrid.

Although anything can happen in the transfer window and nothing is official, CBS Sports‘ Jonathan Johnson doesn’t see Mbappé going back on his decision even if PSG win the Champions League.

“I don’t expect Kylian Mbappé to stay in the event that the PSG potentially win the Champions League,” Johnson told PSG Talk. “I don’t think it really matters at this stage. I think his mind’s made up, and I think it would be quite awkward in many ways if they have to find themselves going back to the negotiating table to talk about him potentially staying. 

“At the end of the day, I think the positions are quite clear, and now this is a possible opportunity for everyone to sign off together on a high.”

If the capital club lifts their first Champions League, it feels as though that’s a perfect way for Mbappé to close his chapter in his hometown. He can begin a new adventure after winning the trophy that the Ligue 1 side have been obsessed with winning since the Qatar Sports Investment takeover. 

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