Neymar ‘Lost the Respect’ of This PSG Superstar Before His Departure

It’s been nearly a year since Neymar Jr. left Paris Saint-Germain to continue his career with Al-Hilal. However, a recent report detailed the Brazilian’s final days as a member of the French giants.

One of the focuses was on how the relationship between Neymar and Kylian Mbappé deteriorated. According to L’Equipe, when the two arrived in 2017, the relationship was great, but over the years, it began to sour.

Furthermore, the connection between the two players spiraled down when Lionel Messi arrived, as he and Neymar didn’t agree with the amount of influence that the Frenchman began to hold at the club.

“At first, Kylian Mbappé liked Neymar a lot, but after working with him daily, he lost the respect he had for him,” a PSG employee told the French media outlet. “Conversely, both Neymar and Messi were upset that the club had given Kylian the full keys to the truck. Messi, even if he was introverted, he would at least say hello to you. 

“Not Neymar. You got the impression he didn’t respect you. He refused to make contact. It’s a shame because, in private, he seems to be nice and generous. Even though he understood French, he didn’t make the effort to speak it..”

There’s also another issue in which Neymar treated Vitinha poorly. The report doesn’t reveal why the Brazilian was hostile toward the Portuguese midfielder last season, but it does paint a picture of the behind-the-scenes issues. So it feels as though the player was over being part of the team and needed a change of scenery because of the lack of hunger. 

“In fact, after two or three very good seasons, Ney gave me the impression of being completely fed up,” the PSG employee added. “Stuffed with football, stuffed with money… He was no longer hungry. He still had the motivation to play with the Seleçao but not to go to Brest.” 

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