Barcelona Club Chief Hits Pause on PSG Coach Pursuit to Replace Xavi Next Season

FC Barcelona will look for a new manager when Xavi Hernandez leaves the Catalan club after the 2023-24 season. The Spanish side have been linked to various coaches to fill their opening this summer, one of them being PSG manager Luis Enrique. 

According to SPORT, Barcelona sporting director Deco has meticulously prepared a final list featuring Enrique’s name. 

However, the path to securing him is not without its challenges. Enrique currently has a contract with PSG, and the Parisian club is keen on retaining him, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

Still, there would be a path to try it. Deco likes him for his winning character because, in the dressing room, they would see his return very positively and because he knows the club perfectly.

The 53-year-old’s name has come up in more than one meeting. Even with this, the Spanish media outlet adds that Barcelona president Laporta has put the topic on hold, not just because of Xavi but also because he doesn’t see the return of the 2015 UEFA Champions League winner as very clear. 

He might change his mind, but now he wouldn’t be his ideal candidate and would rather bet on other profiles. Deco’s opinion will be very important, but when it comes to the coach issue, the president will ultimately decide due to its implications for the club and its future.

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