Real Madrid’s Pursuit of PSG Defender in Doubt Over Major Concern, Expert Says

Reports suggest that Real Madrid will secure Kylian Mbappé this summer once he becomes a free agent. However, the Spanish giants are actively pursuing another player from Paris Saint-Germain, with Achraf Hakimi firmly on their radar.

A recent report revealed that the 25-year-old player expressed a desire for his La Liga team to bring in one of his closest friends to play alongside him at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Nonetheless, the club are keen on preventing further departures of players to the Spanish capital.

The Athletic’s Mario Cortegana appeared on Rubén Martín’s Twitch channel and noted that he sees it as unlikely that Real Madrid will pursue Hakimi to reunite him with Mbappé. Regardless, he does not rule out anything. 

“At Real Madrid, they’ve heard all the commotion Mbappé has been through because of Achraf in France,” Cortegana (h/t Bernabéu Digital) said. “I believe signing the Moroccan could be more detrimental for Kylian in terms of team dynamics. 

“I’m not saying it won’t happen (Hakimi’s return), but it’s something we have to consider separately. If Mbappé is asking to sign Achraf, maybe it’s a sign that it’s best not to sign Achraf.”

According to a recent report from Le Parisien, PSG has initiated discussions to extend Hakimi’s contract for an additional two to three years. 

As of now, the Moroccan player has no intentions of departing from Paris, where he is seen as a pivotal figure for the club’s future. Furthermore, Hakimi’s representatives have refuted any speculation regarding his desire to leave the team.

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