Real Madrid Face ‘Tough Situation’ Acclimating PSG Superstar, Expert Says

Kylian Mbappé will likely have a busy summer as he plays for France at UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany and the Olympics in Paris. However, those aspirations could hinder his early adjustment should he join Real Madrid.

The 25-year-old probably won’t have any significant time off going between the Euros and the Olympics. As a result, MARCA’s Ramón Álvarez de Mon cited his concerns if the Frenchman goes through with his plans while also joining the Spanish side.

On his YouTube channel, de Mon states that early in the season, these games might not affect the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner. However, the games could pile up in the long term next season, resulting in injuries for the PSG star. 

“It’s a tough situation for Real Madrid to manage,” de Mon said (h/t Bernabéu Digital). “If Mbappé ends up playing in both the Euro Cup and the Olympics this summer, which seems increasingly likely, it’s clear he won’t have any rest or vacation time. He’d be going from one competition to another without a break. Considering he’d also be joining a new team in a new country, it adds several complexities to the situation. 

“If you give him time off during that period, it just delays his acclimatization. Moreover, Mbappé himself might prefer not to take a vacation and instead wants to integrate into Real Madrid as soon as possible.”

It will be interesting to see if these concerns become valid as the next season progresses. Mbappé is in his prime but that many games while needing to adapt to a new team will be a major hurdle for him and his new team, likely Real Madrid, to overcome. 

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