PSG Sensation Addresses Rumors of Real Madrid Move This Summer

Paris Saint-Germain winger Kylian Mbappé will reportedly leave the club after this season when his contract expires in June. Many expect the Frenchman to join Real Madrid, but on Friday, he broke his silence regarding his future.

It’s an open secret that Mbappé will leave PSG, but nothing official has come out, only several reports. Nonetheless, when speaking to the media, the 25-year-old didn’t announce where he’ll continue his career. 

“I didn’t announce anything, because I had nothing to announce,” Mbappé told reporters. “I’ve always said that when I have something to say, I’ll come and introduce myself like a man. If I didn’t it’s because I have nothing to announce.”

For as long as PSG remain in the UEFA Champions League, Mbappé likely won’t announce anything on his part to disrupt the team and turn his situation into the media circus that it already is. 

The Parisians have a not-so-difficult path to the final, and if they are able to take advantage of the situation, then it’s probable nothing official will come out of Mbappé’s camp until June. Nonetheless, if PSG crashes out before then, an announcement will likely come sooner from him and the clubs. 

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