Post-Mbappé – Who Will Be the Face of PSG’s New Future?

Kylian Mbappé’s relationship with PSG has been fractured, to say the least. While he has been the star player for the club since his signing in 2017, Real Madrid has always been lingering on the sidelines, tempting Mbappé over to their side of the border. In the summer of 2021, PSG rebuffed Real Madrid’s offer, and in 2022, Mbappé was denied the chance of a free transfer after heavy pressure. It has felt, in many ways, like a tug of war, with Mbappé in the middle, both clubs desperately trying to take advantage of his unique talents with the boot.

In 2024, however, the tug of war has finally been won. Last June, Mbappé revealed that he would not be extending his contract with PSG any further, leaving him available for Real Madrid this summer – talks are currently ongoing, and the club is rightly optimistic.

This has left PSG with a bit of a conundrum. With three Coupe de France trophies, two Coupe de la Ligue trophies, and five Ligue Un trophies, it’s fair to say that Mbappé has been a jewel for the club – even if his heart has been straying to the sunny city of Madrid. So have PSG prepared for this eventuality? Who will be the face of PSG in their new future?

The New (Existing?) Face of PSG

For those tuning into live football matches involving PSG in the last seven years, it’s undeniable that Mbappé has been in the spotlight for many of them. But that doesn’t mean he’s been the only contributor. PSG hasn’t been fielding one person against 11 players since 2017 – the club is full of bright stars footballers of note.

Players like Achraf Hakimi, Warren Zaïdre-Emery, and the impressive Manuel Ugarte have all had a part to play in the recent success of the club, even if they’re not quite the goal machine that Mbappé is. That being said, if PSG is looking for a poster boy to strike fear into opponents’ hearts, a new signing is undoubtedly the way to do it.

Potential PSG Signings

There are a few names on the table. As of right now, Marcus Rashford is the most talked about potential signing, with sources suggesting that he is looking to move outside of the UK. It may seem slightly unlikely, seeing as PSG typically goes for French players rather than English, but to replace a superstar like Mbappé, you need another superstar.

And Rashford is just that. For years now, Rashford has been a key part of Manchester United’s attack, and while his 2023/24 season hasn’t been his best, his form might make him a bit of a cheaper option for PSG come the summer. According to other sources, PSG has shown interest in Rashford before, so he could be the rapid middle that serves as a direct replacement for Mbappé.

Another rumor that we’ve seen floating around involves Mohamed Salah. Yes, we know, this is quite a long shot, but PSG have made some outlandish signing decisions before, so it’s not outside the question. With no talks with Liverpool over a new contract, Salah could be the ‘celebrity forward’ that PSG is looking for, able to serve as a goal-machine replacement while also getting the fans excited again. With Jurgen Klopp set to leave Liverpool, now could be the perfect time to start conversations and get in ahead of the Saudi Arabian league.


It should also be mentioned that PSG has already signed some new players in January, with Rondal Kolo Muani and Milan Škriniar both able to contribute to attack and defense – and Leny Yoro also on their radar. As we mentioned before, the new face of PSG doesn’t have to be a direct superstar replacement. The question is whether PSG are willing to nurture new talent and turn them into a worthy replacement, or buy a ready-made replacement outright. We’ll all just have to wait for the summer to find out!

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