Luis Enrique Curious Post-Match Comments About Mbappé’s Future

Paris Saint-Germain battled Stade de Reims to a 2-2 draw at the Parc des Princes on Sunday, but its what Luis Enrique said and did that stole headlines.

Prior to the match, when asked whether Kylian Mbappé would start against Reims, Luis Enrique said, “Depends on the sun. Whether it’s hot or not.”

We’re not sure what it means for the sun’s temperature, but Mbappé did not start against Reims and instead had to settle for a substitution role when he came on in the 73rd minute.

After the match, Luis Enrique was asked about Mbappé and said, “I can only wish Kylian Mbappé the best in the future. He’s an incredible player and an even better person. I wish him the best of the best.”

The reason why these comments are curious is because as of the date of publication, there’s been no official word from Paris Saint-Germain or Kylian Mbappé that the Frenchman is leaving the club this summer. We have credible reports but no official communication.

Instead, we have comments like this from Luis Enrique, which come on the heels of him saying that “…we have to get used to playing without Kylian.”

Luis Enrique has all but confirmed what we all know, but it is odd the news is being delivered this way instead of an official communication by way of a press conference. The reason for this is likely that the two sides are still negotiating Mbappé’s exit from the club, which could include him forgoing his loyalty bonus and returning it to the club.

For now, supporters will have to rely on the manager’s communication and come to the realization that this is the last season Mbappé will wear a PSG kit.

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