Liverpool-Man City Match Causes Luis Enrique to Reflect on Ligue 1’s Level

Luis Enrique deciding to take the Paris Saint-Germain job last summer meant he was venturing into a new league he was unfamiliar with. The 53-year-old recently spoke about the impression that Ligue 1 has left on him. 

The 53-year-old was asked whether he watched the Liverpool-Manchester City match this past weekend. He noted that he had, which led to him sharing his true feelings about Ligue 1 and whether the league can reach that level. 

“I saw it; it was a very high-level match with unique coaches,” Enrique told reporters (h/t Paris Fans). “What I can give is a reflection on what I think Ligue 1 is. When I didn’t know it, I thought it was a somewhat easy league. 

“But it’s the opposite; there is a very high level among the players and the coach. I’m not saying it because I’m here; there is really a high level of competitiveness. Many players then go abroad.”

French clubs have shown they can play with some of the top clubs in Europe during the group stage in various UEFA competitions. The issue for some, and even PSG fall into this category, is advancing to the knockout stage and rising to the occasion in these high-stakes matches. 

There are only three Ligue 1 sides alive in European competition. If the number of clubs can grow consistently, then perhaps Ligue 1 and French football will gain more recognition from people who don’t follow the league closely. 

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